About Brenda J. Sullivan




Meet Brenda Sullivan, a nature lover and gardener in South Glastonbury, CT, with her husband Paul and their daughter Katie. Together, they've transformed a few acres of land into a charming Thompson Street Farm LLC farm.

Brenda's passion for herbs and gardening has led her to specialize in growing lavender, medicinal herbs, and flowers. In addition to growing herbs and flowers, she crafts handmade goat's milk herbal soaps and bath products using ingredients from her garden or locally sourced.

Katie, their beloved daughter, is the center of their world. Despite facing multiple serious medical conditions, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy, she has a strong spirit and is eager to experience life. With the help of assistive technology and sensory adaptations, Katie understands basic concepts, has developed many interests and enjoys spending time outdoors.

Their shared love of the outdoors has inspired Brenda and Paul to create nature-themed children's activity books, drawing on Katie's experiences and appreciation for the natural world. Through their work, they hope to share their love of nature and inspire children to explore and appreciate the world around them.