New Release!! Counting Trees!

I am thrilled to announce that our next book Counting Trees in the Kids Count Series is now available. This book not only has the 1 – 10 counting pages with coloring pages but additional information about some amazing trees in our world. By the time your little one is done with this book theyContinue reading “New Release!! Counting Trees!”

Kids Count Series – Three New Releases!

Just in time for the holiday’s! I am proud to release our latest books! Our Process This is a little video I shot showing Katie using her painting sponge. In the past, we used to use a but I think the sponge tool is easier for her to hold and I like the texture itContinue reading “Kids Count Series – Three New Releases!”

Why we create our children’s books

This is a short video about why I make these activity books with my daughter. Painting is something she loves to do and after talking with her social worker from the Connecticut State Department of Developmental Disabilities, and a few other people in the art world, we decided that as long as Katie enjoys painting,Continue reading “Why we create our children’s books”

Our Latest Book! My Garden Journal: A How To Garden Book For Kids

My Garden Journal: A How To Garden Book For Kids Gardening is a learned skill – everyone has to start somewhere, and a journal provides the best way to improve your gardening skills to ensure more successes and fewer failures. The intent of this journal is to simultaneously teach basic gardening techniques while providing aContinue reading “Our Latest Book! My Garden Journal: A How To Garden Book For Kids”

Counting Starfish

Children learn by experience and are stimulated by imagination. Counting Starfish is designed to build both basic concepts and what better way to learn than from the natural world? Counting Starfish was inspired by starfish (or sea stars) living in a tidal pool off the coast of Alaska. This interactive book teaches children the fundamentalContinue reading “Counting Starfish”

Lavender Garden Journal Notebook

This Journal contains beautiful color pictures of lavender sprinkled throughout its pages to transport the writer’s thoughts and reflections into the peacefulness of the beautiful lavender garden at Thompson Street Farm. The pages are numbered in this book for easy reference. At the end of the book, there are index pages so important quotes, notesContinue reading “Lavender Garden Journal Notebook”